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I particularly love fingerless gloves because they keep your hands warm but your fingers free so you can work, knit or use your touch screen without removing them. This also makes them ideal to start wearing as soon as the weather starts to cool down, right through until it's warm again. My gloves are made to be stylish enough to be worn as a funky accessory at Summer Festivals too.


All the materials I use are vegan-friendly. I make all my products from scratch, to order, so I'm happy to work with you to create an item you'll want to keep wearing year after year, any colour, any length, any trimmings!


Here is a selection of items we have available. Click the buttons to be taken to our Etsy Shop to learn more about the item or to purchase it. If the item is unavailable, or you can't see what you're looking for, please contact us and I'll be happy to help.

Fingerless Gauntlet Gloves - £17

These funky gauntlets are usually assymmetric and feature either a recycled bottle-cap button for a 'Fall Out' style dystopian chic, or a vintage button for a more historic 'Skyrim' fantasy effect. They usually measure approximately 25cm long and can be made in any colours of your choice.


Hand-Knitted Fluffy Fingerless Gloves - £13

These Fluffy Fingerless Gloves are made in a ribbed pattern making them super-stretchy to fit any size hand.

They are a very simple design and are versatile to suit your style. The yarn I use is 'Sirdar Ophelia' which includes a furry eyelash thread as well as a sparkly metallic thread. These gloves have been popular for Winter Weddings!!

They usually measure 25cm long.

Pocket Scarf - £17

This scarf is the perfect accessory. The scarf itself is warm and snuggly and he pockets double up as gloves. The pockets are made with spring-time Snowdrop Lace but can be made with any design or pattern you wish.

I found the idea for this scarf whilst going through my mother's retro knitting patterns. I have rewritten the pattern to modernise it. This scarf usually measures around 165cm long.

Owl Teabag Hat - £24

This awesome owl hat is a fun accessory. It is usually made of natural pure tweed wool yarn which makes it soft and comfortable to wear. I can also make this using vegan-friendly yarsn such as acrylic, cotton or bamboo.

I'm particularly fond of owls, I worked for many years with birds of prey so I have a soft spot for these funny, clever birds and this is my favourite hat to wear all year round. Thsi hat would be a great gift for anyone who loves owls as much as I do, especially fans of Harry Potter.

I usually make this hat in brown and grey with amber coloured eyes and beak, similar to an Eagle Owl but it can be made in any combination of natiral colours or made to reflect any species of owl. I can even give him a brightly coloured make-over!

Knitted Curlew Hat - £44

This hand-knitted bobble hat has intricate colourwork deipcting abeautiful curlew or 'whaap' wading bird. It is usually made with authentic Shetland Wool yarn, making it warm, soft and comfortable to wear. I can also make this using vegan-friendly yarn on request. This hat is quite slouchy so will fit any adult head - if you would like it in a child size just let me know.

A good friend of mine first asked me to make this hat in honour of the RSPB's Curlew in Crisis Month. Since the mid-90's the curlew population has dropped by half. It is believed that the numbers of breeding pairs of Eurasion Culew has fallen to as few as 400 in Wales and 250 in Northern Ireland. The breeding habitat of these birds is changing leaving the nests open to predators such as foxes and crows. With this in mind, for every hat I sell I will donate £5 to the RSPB Curlew Recovery Programme which is working with farmers, land-owners and other conservation groups to help create new breeding grounds for the curlew to thrive in.

I usually make this hat in shades of grey, brown and black but it can be made in any combination of colours. Just let me know your preferences when you place your order.

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